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"At the center of medicine there is always a human relationship between a patient and a doctor."
Michael Balint

Kathy Mullins, MD
Council - 1st Term
2023 - 2025

I sought training in the Balint method so that I could strengthen our family medicine residents’ connection with the humanity they share with their patients.  The first training intensive that I attended years ago was on Long Beach Island.  The experience left a lasting impact and I became captivated by the insights it offered into the doctor-patient relationship.  What truly resonated with me was Balint’s emphasis on empathy and fostering meaningful connections.  As I become more involved as a member of ABS committees,  I hope to ensure that Balint remains an integral part of the growing diversity of healthcare professionals’ training. 

In my personal life, I enjoy spending time with friends and family.  When I find myself with some alone time, I am happiest  gazing at tall mountains on the shore of a mountain lake with a knitting project in one hand and a craft IPA in the other.