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Balint Credentialed Leader Training

Through the Credentialing pathway candidates acquire a deeper understanding of Balint Group process and develop their leadership skills. The pathway involves ongoing meetings with their chosen ABS supervisor over a two-year supervision period. Balint Group meetings are recorded and submitted to the supervisor for review. During the supervision sessions, the supervisor will provide feedback on leader interventions, understanding of group process and development, use of metaphor, and keeping the group safe. Receiving constructive feedback in a safe environment allows the candidate to reflect on areas needing improvement and assists them in becoming a more confident and skilled leader.

The Credentialing Coordinating Committee has outlined the credentialing process in the Credentialing Roadmap where you’ll find the sequence of steps in the pathway as well as links to important documents.

Prior to submitting your application, you should also review the Credentialing Policy and Procedures.

Candidates who have completed the credentialing process have found it to be personally and professionally rewarding. The Credentialing pathway is both rigorous and supportive and completion of credentialing is a significant accomplishment. Our credentialed leaders provide a high level of training and support for professionals across the country. We hope you will consider embarking on this journey!

Credentialing Application   Schedule of Credentialing Fees

If you are not currently an ABS member and would like more information about the credentialing process, please contact the Chair of Credentialing.