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ABS Passes Diversity Resolution

 | Published on 9/19/2016
The Diversity Committee was formed by the Council in 2015 to craft a resolution on diversity in the Society. Its work was shared in the form of a draft at the 2nd National Meeting in July 2016, where all attending commented on its language and considered its meaning. The final wording was adopted at the September meeting of the Council and appears below:
American Balint Society’s Diversity Resolution

Be it resolved that diversity and inclusiveness within the American Balint Society (ABS) are essential to meeting the ABS’s vision of relationships of profound trust between and among health care professionals and their patients/clients. The ABS envisions clinicians' improving their understanding of themselves and others so that they and their patients and clients are heard, supported and empowered in caring for their health. Diversity in ABS leadership and membership is fundamental to this understanding.

Be it resolved that our commitment to explore and enhance empathy, the core of Balint training, requires a similar commitment to diversity and inclusiveness within the organization and in all activities of the organization. We can be our best only with active engagement to ensure inclusiveness of all aspects of a diverse health care team: such as race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, age, professional role, socioeconomic status, ability differences, spiritual beliefs, and others.

Be it resolved that greater diversity enhances the Balint experience, which provides a space of inclusiveness and safety for discussion of difficult dialogues, and exploration of personal or collective biases. With a vision of building cultural competence and awareness of privilege and marginalization, the ABS can continue to move toward reflecting and engaging the diversity in the communities we serve. The ABS is committed to reflecting that diversity in its leadership and membership. We can only be what we aspire to be with that diversity and engagement.

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