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ABS Council

The Council of the American Balint Society governs all aspects of its work. Its members are volunteers who have been elected by the membership. They serve terms of at least two years and may be reelected or fulfill several roles over time. Term limits apply to all roles on the Council to ensure healthy revitalization over time.  

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Kathy Knowlton

Janet Walker

John Freedy
Immediate Past President

Alec Chessman

Barbara Hemmendinger

Vidush Athyal
2nd Term

Allison Bickett
1st Term

Francis Chu
1st Term

José Rodrigo Niño
2nd Term

Rebekah Schiefer
1st Term

Katherine Fu
Graduate Education Rep

Eran Metzger
Coordinator of Intensives

Phil Phelps
Chair of Credentialing

Melissa Najjar
Brandeis Fellow

Romy Kushnick
Brandeis Fellow

Shantel Beckers
Administrative Assistant

Emeritus Councilors

The founders and early leaders of the ABS have achieved Emeritus Councilor status. As the Society grows and thrives, becoming a vital force in patient-centered medicine and the development of the therapeutic relationship, the Emeritus Councilors continue to mentor ABS members, lead and serve on committees, serve as faculty and supervise members advancing their training through credentialing or fellowship.  

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Frank Dornfest

Clive Brock

Laurel Milberg

Mary Hall

Ritch Addison

C. Paul Scott

Ann Sinclair

Don Nease

Albert Lichtenstein

Jeffrey Sternlieb

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The American Balint Society
, is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the therapeutic relationships between healing professionals and their clients/patients. The American Balint  Society is a member society of the International Balint Federation