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References and Reading Materials



This list details reading material that will support your learning about the Balint group method and its leadership. Material is organized in the same sections as Balint Basics. References listed in bold type are published pieces with links directly to the article website when available; when the full article isn't available online a PDF is supplied. Unpublished readings are listed with a link to the PDF file. All PDFs will open in a new window from which you can download the file if you'd like. 


History of the Balint Group Method


The Doctor, His Patient and the Illness, Balint, M. (2000), Edinburgh,Churchill Livingston, Sections Excerpted By Frank Dornfest from Appendix I “Training” Pages 302 – 314 Read Article


The Balint Movement in America, Johnson, A., 2001 Fam Med (33(3):174-7) Read Article


Balint Groups and the Balint Method, Salinsky, J, (2003, 2005) Read Article


Balint Groups: History, Aims and Methods, Salinsky, J. (2000) Read Article


A Brief History and Introduction to Balint Group Process, Milberg, L. (2001) Read Article

The Legacy of Michael Balint, Johnson, A. Brock, C, Zacarias, A. International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine Vol. 47(3) 175-192, 2014 Read Article
Purpose of a Balint Group
The Family Physician as a Therapeutic Instrument, Ornstein, P., (1977), Fam Prac, (4(4): 659-61). Read Article
Balint Work in England: Lessons for American Family Medicine, Scheingold, L., (1988), Fam Prac. (26(3)315-20 Read Article
An Introduction to Balint Groups, Sternlieb, J., et al. The American Balint Society Read Article
Balint Training, Dornfest, F., Ransom, D. Newsletter of The American Balint Society Read Article
Balint Groups and Personal and Professional Development Groups: Contrasting the Role and Function of the Leader/Facilitator, Dornfest, F, Addison, R, Ransom, D, Newsletter of The American Balint Society Read Article
Balint vs. Support Groups, Margo, G., Margo, K., Newsletter of The American Balint Society Read Article
Balint Groups From the Perspective of a Teacher, Milberg, L., (2003), J. (British) Balint Society, (v.31) Read Article
ACGME Competencies and Balint Work Family Medicine Residency Programs,” American Balint Society Website. Read Article
Essential Characteristics of a Balint Group
Essential and ‘Desirable’ Characteristics of a Balint Group, adapted from those approved by the Council of the British Balint Society Read Article
What to Expect as a Member of a Balint Group, American Balint Society (2007) Read Article
An Introduction to Balint Groups, The American Balint Society Read Article
Gearing Balint Group Leadership to Resident Professional Development, Brock, C, (1990), Family Med. vol. 22, (4) Read Article
Group Development: What to Expect and How to Handle It, Knowlton, K, American Balint Society Read Article
Some Random Thoughts about Balint Groups: Pitfalls, Pratfalls and Pot-holes, Milberg, L. (1993), J. of the (British) Balint Society, v.2 Read Article
Balint Group Architecture: A Response to Sitting In or Sitting Out, Sternlieb, J., (2011), J. of the (British) Balint Society Read Article
Leadership; Stance, Purpose, Essential Characteristics, Basic Moves, Advanced Moves
Brief Review of Leadership Functions and Issues,  Dornfest, F. ( 1991), Balint Leadership Workshop Western STFM Read Article
and the supplement Balint How-to Manual from the Western STFM Workshop Read Article
Essential Characteristics of Effective Balint Group Leadership, Johnson, A., Nease, D., Milberg, L., Addison, R., (2004), Family Medicine; 36(4): 253-259 Read Article
Parenting and Balint Leadership: Raising Emotionally Intelligent Doctors, Lichtenstein, A. (2015) . Paper presented at the International Balint Congress, Heidelberg, Sweden. Read Article
Optimizing the Doctor/Patient Relationship: The Balint Group Process, Sternlieb, J., Scott, C.P., Lichtenstein, A., Freedy, J., Nease, D. (2012). In Maureen O’Reilly-Landry (ed)
Developmental Sequence in Small Groups, Tuckman B. . Psychological Bulletin 1965; 63(6): 384-399 Read Article

 "Restoring the Core of Clinical Practice: What is a Balint group and how does it help?" by Laurel Milberg, PhD and Katherine Knowlton, PhD. Available in paperback or ebook. 

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