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Credentialing Roadmap
Credentialing Coordinating Committee
Created 2014

The CCC is dedicated to making the American Balint Society credentialing process clear and transparent.  The following are the steps that need to be taken in order to become an ABS credentialed leader:
  1. The potential candidate will review the credentialing policy Credentialing Procedures for Candidate & Supervisor
  2. Candidate will be member of ABS and will maintain membership throughout credentialing process Member Signup .
  3. Download and complete the Credentialing Application and email it to the Coordinator of Supervision.
  4. The candidate will identify a supervisor.This can be done with the help of the Coordinator of Supervision or others. Supervisors List The potential candidate will ask the proposed supervisor if he/she is able to supervise them.
  5. Arrangements for video or audio taping the Balint sessions to be supervised should be made at this point.
  6. The Chair of the CCC and Coordinator of Supervision will review the application and review prior Balint experiences identified by the candidate.
  7. Once the application has been approved, the candidate must fill in the Schedule of Credentialing fees document and obtain the signature of the supervisor Schedule of Credentialing Fees (includes supervisor agreement) Send copies of agreement to: Supervisor of Credentialing, and the Treasurer.
  8. The full fee for the first year of supervision must be sent to the Treasurer before supervision can begin.
  9. Candidate will lead/co-lead Balint groups regularly, no less than once a month, for 2 years.Supervision will occur for a minimum of 12 sessions over those 2 years with video or audio recording that will be used for supervision.
  10. Candidate will ideally also be reviewing the process of the Balint group, discuss/analyze/debrief the groups with their co-leader, after every group.
  11. Candidate will attend 3 Balint Intensive trainings, with the final intensive as the “Credentialing Intensive”. At the Credentialing Intensive, the candidate will co-lead one group with each of the faculty members, and be evaluated by CCC designated evaluator and faculty. Written assessment will be presented to candidate, and recommendations re: credentialing will be made to CCC. Ultimate decision about credentialing rests with the ABS Council. 

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