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"At the center of medicine there is always a human relationship between a patient and a doctor."
Michael Balint

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The American Balint Society

The vision of the American Balint Society (ABS) is for relationships of trust to grow in respect and healing power. To bring about this vision, the ABS trains and supports Balint Group leaders, encourages increased participation in Balint Group work, and teaches and studies the nature, use and effectiveness of Balint Groups.

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What is a Balint Group

Balint Groups are for professionals who work with people in their care, such as clients, patients, or students. When interactions leave professionals confused, conflicted, or otherwise stirred up, they may need to understand better these relationships that are crucial to their work. Balint Groups are a safe place to explore troublesome interactions to find understanding, peace and renewed energy to meet the challenge. Better understanding leads to better care.

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I have been doing Balint for a couple of years now. I keep going because I want to go, it's not a required meeting, I already have so many of those, but this is one that I actually feel really good mentally when I leave. It reminds me of why I went into medicine, the human connection, the emotions and thoughts that are part of the process in healing, both the patient and the provider. I feel much more empathetic after these meetings and I truly feel less burned out.

~ David Dick, DO