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The American Balint Society is 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the therapeutic relationships between healing professionals and their clients/patients.
The American Balint
Society is a member


Leadership Intensive
Pittsburgh, PA
October 12-15, 2017

The American Balint Society

is a member society of the 

International Balint Federation.

The American Balint Society

is a member society of the 

International Balint Federation.

The American Balint Society

is a member society of the 

International Balint Federation.

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FAQs about Intensives


1. Who goes to intensives? And who should go?    


Professionals providing health care and mental health care find Intensives worthwhile, even if they are not in medical education or primary care, the traditional sources of Balint interest. If you plan to start a group, an Intensive is the perfect way to begin preparing to do so. Attending with a co-leader or a decision maker from your program works well, too. Still unsure? Contact the host of the next Intensive.  You can find that information on the web site.


2.What happens at Intensives?


Registrants are assigned to small groups that conduct Balint sessions, followed by a period of reflection on the group process and leadership.  Learning is mostly from experience, the experience of participating in and leading your small group’s Balint session, with feedback.  Didactic presentations and opportunities to consult with faculty are also provided.


3. When is the next Intensive? Why isn’t it listed on the website yet?


We hold Intensives in the spring in the western part of the country and in the fall in the east. We advertise one at a time. If the registration period for the latest intensive is closed and we don’t have details of the next one available, we will soon.


4. How can I get an Intensive to occur closer to home?


Consider hosting one.  If you have attended an Intensive, have an agency or department able to help you with administrative support and you are willing to plan well in advance, you may be able to host an Intensive, even if you are not a credentialed leader yourself.  Contact the Coordinator of Intensives to discuss the possibilities. Really. We provide lots of technical and moral support.


5. What else can I do if an Intensive won’t work for me?


Look for a Balint Weekend. A Balint Weekend holds serial Balint groups, too, but is shorter and does not provide leader training.  When you think you’re not interested in leading a group or you want something shorter or less expensive than an Intensive, a Weekend is perfect.  Actually, it’s perfect anytime.


6. What if I don’t see a Balint Weekend offered near me?


The Events Committee on this website may know of possible Weekends not yet being advertised.  They can also provide planning tools, support and help for hosting a Balint Weekend if you don’t find one near you.  Contact the Events Committee chair.



 7. How can I make my Weekend or Intensive experience last?


Contact a faculty member from your Weekend or intensive. They share their contact information deliberately. A quick question will be welcome, and if your issue is one for the Balint listserve or lengthier supervision, that can be worked out, as well.



8 How can I continue to develop my Balint Group Leadership skills?


The ABS offers a structured pathway to becoming a Credentialed Balint Leader that involves attending leadership Intensives and provides supervision as you start and lead your own Balint group back home.  See the information on credentialing on this website “Lead Balint Groups/Credentialing” and feel free to contact the Chair of the Credentialing Coordinating Committee with your questions. 


 9.  Will I be ready to lead a group after I attend an Intensive? 


Very rarely, but it depends.  If you have had extensive experience and training with other groups, an intensive might be enough to start.  Even then, having a Balint-trained co-leader, consultant or supervisor can make a world of difference.  The ABS recommends a series of three Intensives.  If your setting will require you to take charge of a Balint group after a single Intensive, talk to your faculty leaders after the intensive about how they can support your leadership.



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