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The American Balint Society

We exist to make good care better

Mission Statement


The American Balint Society strives to


Develop & Support professionals who lead or are members of Balint groups

Promote & Encourage increased participation in Balint group work
Teach & Study the nature, use and effectiveness of Balint groups



Vision Statement

The vision of the American Balint Society is for relationships of profound trust, such as those between physicians and patients, to grow in respect and healing power.  Utilizing the empathy fostered through creative engagement with trusted peers in a safe environment, clinicians can improve their understanding of both themselves and others, so that patients and clients are increasingly heard, supported and empowered to become healthier and happier. 

What makes the ABS unique?


The ABS is unique in its focus on and approach to: actively engaging in the empathic care of others and of our professional selves; inspiring dedication and perseverance of health care providers; and developing essential skills for sustaining and enhancing resilience and longevity in practice. The core values that guide us include:



Collective wisdom




Lifelong learning


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